Pune Zilla Parishad
Zilla Parishads are mandated by the constitution of India, as an important Panchayat Raj Institution, to cater to the development of rural areas which constitute large part of country. The developmental activities of Zilla Parishads involve considerable outlays. The financial transactions involved in taking the developmental activities forward are required to be carefully and properly handled. The Finance Department of the Zilla Parishad is entrusted with the responsibilities in regard to finance, accounts, payments for various activities including procurement and construction works and collection of receipts. The Finance Department of Zilla Parishad is headed by The Chief Accounts and Finance Officer.
The main functions entrusted to The Chief Accounts and Finance Officer are –
1. Receiving the revenue and grants for Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samitis and paying the claims of suppliers, contractors etc. against Zilla Parishad.
2. Accounting of the financial transactions of Zilla Parishad.
3. Auditing the financial transactions as primary auditor.
4. Rendering financial advice to the parishad in regard to all matters relating to finance, accounts, budget and financial rules.
The Chief Accounts and Finance Officer discharges these functions through officers and staff working under his directions.
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